Who is a Sassy Thrifter!

  • She gets HIGH on LOW prices
  • She makes frugal look fierce
  • She can hold her own in a room full of worn over-priced items
  • They have not a clue she spent a fraction of what she paid. Or that she may have spent absolutely nothing because she’s creative, crafty and possesses the ability to flip it with flair
  • She gets an adrenaline rush from shopping at garage sales, fleek markets, thrift stores and estate sales.
  • She’s all about bargains
  • She puts the “s” in savings
  • She also gives because she’s BLESSED!

~Toni Bailey – author



She’s the designer at Sassyriez, Brand Ambassador of Hand Candy Couture, BRIJ Stakeholder, fashion blogger, foodie, world traveler, thrift enthusiast and creator of SassyThrifters, which is platform where thrifters unite. The group page started with “thrifting in Chicago” bus tours. Since then, the group has evolved into doing community events such as:  monthly Fleek Market/Rummage sales, food drives, coat drives, free make-overs for well deserved Moms, and quarterly DIY workshops.

SASSY Thrifters Community Events: Fleek Markets/Rummage Sales, Thrift Bus Tours, DIY (do-it-yourself) workshops.

Fleek Market Video

Bus Tour Video

Estate Sale Video